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Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the blogging world. I decided dust off my practice blog after allowing it to go dormant several years ago. Why now, you ask?  Simply put, I have some things to say.  Colleagues and patients have been asking me to document my thoughts about eye care in a more formal way, so here I am, dipping my toe into the world of published work.  The blog has been under construction for a few months, but now the “eyes” are dotted and t’s are crossed, so it’s ready to be unveiled.  The fresh start of a new year seems like the perfect time to do it.

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I began practicing optometry in 2009, and I have owned my practice in Woodland, CA since 2011.  My daily interactions with patients, employees, colleagues, vendors, 3rd party payers, and the world at large both inspire and puzzle me. This blog will be a place where I share my perspective and hopefully contribute in some way to eventual improvements in the way eye care is delivered.  I will explore these concepts as well as more light-hearted topics in my future posts.  One of my recurring themes for the coming year will be gratitude, including a series of 52 Thank Yous that will begin later this week.

I don’t have to tell you that our health care system is woefully flawed, but the good news is it doesn’t need to be this way!  I have a vision for improving upon the traditional model of eye care that has come to exist in the face of meddlesome managed care plans.

Most people visit either a private practice optometrist or a corporate-based optometrist for basic primary eye care, but very few understand how much of that interaction is dictated by the 3rd party payer that has inserted itself between the optometrist and patient.  I believe:

  • The status quo has failed us, and it must be confronted by those of us who have the courage to stand up for what our patients deserve.
  • Our patients can and should expect more than what the current 3rd party mechanisms allow us to provide:  better communication, better quality materials, better service, and better pricing.
  • Health care is a calling, not an industry to be controlled by actuaries at 3rd party insurance companies.

Have I piqued your curiosity?  If so, please subscribe or check back for updates.  New content is coming later this week with the introduction of 52 Thank Yous.

Cheers to great things ahead in 2017!  –LMH

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10 thoughts on “Dotting the Eyes

  1. Thanks Dr. Heuer! I’m signing up to hear more from my favorite Doctor. I know I’m in good hands when I come to visit you and your staff. I continue to get complements on my frames all the time too. Thanks for helping me pick out some good ones! Happy New Year!

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